Potential of an Android App for Your Business

There are many ways in which Android Apps or Applications provide a marked advantage to the developing company. In today’s competitive, companies all over the world are clamouring for the attention of the masses. In doing so, they develop Apps which they think that the public shall love, or which shall be useful to the public. According to studies, there are 19 million mobile app developers uae all over the world.


As for the UAE, it boasts of some of the highest number of android app developers in the region. According to studies, the UAE boasts of a huge 60% of app developers in the Middle East region, along with the most experienced and gifted app developers uae.

As said above, android app development companies should develop apps to solve needs and problems, not just because making Android Apps is a current fad. Not only will you lose you money, but goodwill as well. The online world is highly competitive. If people see you are making irrelevant products, you will not buy from your android app development company.


Why are Android Apps popular?

  • There are many online stores from where to sell your Apps. Play Store and Bing’s Play Shop are popular. Apple also has a counterpart where you can get apps for Apple devices only.
  • Android Apps are safe. Before they are offered to the public, they are tested rigorously for bugs and problems. Only the perfect versions make their way to stores.
  • In online app stores, once you download something, you also get subsequent updates automatically.

Now that we know why these are popular, let us see how companies can earn from them.

7 ways in which android app development companies can earn

Pay to Download: If your app is of premium grade, you can offer it at a price. The good this about it is that people will be paying you upfront.

In app purchases: There are apps which are Free to Try. To continue play or use, or to get better service, one needs to make In-app purchases.

Advertising: You can earn well by advertising. When people watch your video ads, you get revenue under PPC (Pay per click), CPM (Cost per mile and CPC (Cost per Click).

Earn from affiliate sales: As an affiliate, you get paid if anyone buys a third party service or product through your web pages or links.

Business Process Apps: These apps are made solely for companies themselves to connect directly with customers quickly and effectively. A good example is Uber.

Information apps: These are generally free. However, while you won’t earn money from these, you will earn in credibility, reliability, goodwill and a strong client base. These are long term benefits for your android app development company.

In this article, you have seen some of the ways you can sell and structure your apps. You have also seen why they are popular and important for your business. At the end of the day, however, it is always your target audience who dictate what kind of app you will be developing and in which way you should be selling it.