Mobile App Development – Importance to Your Business

Over the years, the growth of sworn internet users has been tremendous. A research has revealed that in UAE, 92% of the population use the internet of which 76% access it from their mobiles. All these facts and figures are enough to disclose the extent of the mobile revolution in the Middle East countries.

Given the high percentage of users, businesses are constantly on the lookout for something, which can boost up their profits. Reportedly, mobile app development started in Dubai. App development in Dubai comes with manifold benefits.

  • On the go marketing

Businesses get one-step closer to their customers with mobile applications since these can be accessed anytime and anywhere. When customers use apps regularly, it reinforces a brand. It is for this reason that the importance of mobile app development companies is increasing day by day. App developers in UAE are constantly under the pressure to meet the demands of businesses.

  • Increase in sales volume

Mobile application increases the sales figure of businesses by attracting new leads and creating brand awareness. Given the enlarged advantages of it, the importance of mobile app for businesses has considerably grown.

  • Improvement in services

Since mobile applications provide the ease of access from anywhere and anytime, it improves the service of companies operating in the UAE.

  • The next marketing trend

Soon, mobile apps will turn out to be a marketing trend. As more and more devices and smartphone gadgets are now connecting with the internet, there will be a time when search engine queries will originate from these devices.

  • Serve as a social platform

As social networking sites allow users to like and comment on products offered by a brand, businesses come to know about the likes and dislikes of their customers. Consequently, mobile app developers are constantly adding social media tools to create a two-way communication between the businesses and their customers.

If your business is operating in UAE and lack mobile apps, then it is high time that you give a serious thought to it. This can bring windfall gain to your business.

Mobile App Development Dubai


Given the significance of mobile apps to businesses, a large number of mobile app development companies have managed to hit the top 10 list. Apphitect, Hyperlink Infosystem and Cabot Solutions are some of the app development enterprises, which have strengthened their foundation in the UAE market. These have managed to succeed only due to the large demands of apps in the same country.