Difference Between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

To put it simply, although the goal of both Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is the same, the fact remains that SEO is a vital part and parcel of SEM. As you may know that SEO is concerned with optimizing your website so it gets a higher ranking on search engines. SEM on the other hand includes several techniques, including SEO and PPC advertising to attain the same end.

Perhaps the term Search Engine Marketing is confusing as it is so similar to SEO. Let us try to understand it.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes things like Social Media Optimization, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Ad Marketing and SEO.

Search Engine Marketing is a process in online marketing seo packages dubai whose goal is to get more visibility for your website by organic or free traffic or paid traffic. Free traffic is when one optimizes a website in order to increase visibility on search engines which in turn increases traffic. Paid Traffic is when a dubai seo agency utilizes systems like PPC or Pay per Click seo packages dubai to get customers through an artificially created “sales funnel.”