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This is the first step in your journey to cloud, define your strategy before selecting the right cloud architecture for your IT and business.This article sets out a cloud computing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for organizations looking into Cloud investment.

Many enterprises today are weighing the benefits of evolving their IT to a private or hybrid cloud model. Receiving objective, expert and experienced advice on the financial ramifications of this critical decision is most often difficult, time consuming and expensive.

The move away from legacy and physical IT systems to cloud is disruptive in nature. Without detailed financial and operational analysis, Enterprise IT organizations lack support for the decision-making process and are unable to substantiate the opportunity of private cloud and hybrid cloud initiatives.

The Outcome

  • Clearly articulate and substantiate IT Transformation
  • The tool quantifies and substantiates the model of IT that best supports your strategic business goals. You’ll be able to clearly articulate the technologies associated with cloud, along with the financial benefits the business is capable of realizing through the adoption of new cloud services.
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