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Cloud Platform

CCP (Cloudbia Cloud Platform) is designed to provide innovative business solution on multi-cloud platform based on the client choices, develop cost effective and digital product & services for clients growing businesses. It is a comprehensive offering that covers design, development, managed services & support. CloudBIA provide an industry trusted and secured multi-cloud based platform for building, managing, and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, e-Commerce, m-Commerce and son on).

Why CloudBIA Cloud Platform (CCP)

Cloud computing has changed how business applications are built and run. Delivering a new web and mobile application is now as fast as opening your Internet browser. Flexibility is what will define the industry in the coming years, allowing organizations to leverage the relative advantages, price-points, scalable and geographic locations of the solutions to their best advantage. However, selecting appropriate solution and platform for your business model can be risks if improperly selected and managed.

CloudBIA vision is to help businesses/organisations of any size from start-up or enterprise to transform digital solutions. Cloud is one of the enabler and foundation of digital business innovation. Organisations today are planning for a multi-cloud strategy that will encompass a portfolio of public and private cloud options. There are a wide range of business requirements that drive the need for a heterogeneous set of cloud resource pools — including geography, cost, features, and existing investments. For example, an enterprise may have teams using AWS and Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud and other teams using vSphere to meet the needs of different applications and business goals.

CloudBIA biggest value proposition is a vendor agnostics and provide end-end solutions of design, build and manage the applications on the selected cloud.

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