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Cloud Architecture & Design

There are many combinations of cloud resources that can be leveraged in a hybrid cloud deployment. These combinations can also involve a mix of different cloud service models, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). For example, a hybrid cloud deployment could combine an on-premises private IaaS cloud service with a publicly hosted SaaS application. It is also important to recognize that private cloud services could be hosted on-premises or alternatively hosted off-premises in a dedicated part of a cloud service provider’s data center.

How CloudBIA can help

Defining the right application and cloud deployment Architecture and Design is a critical step in the journey to use hybrid cloud. The right deployment model positions IT to align with business needs and enable achievement of objectives. CloudBIA can help the organization to develop both high-level and low level (HLD and LLD) future state architecture & design with following key guiding principles into consideration.

Integration: Hybrid cloud computing is about aggregation and integration of capabilities and services from cloud service providers with on-premises resources, leveraging the best-of-breed. The emergence and evolution of core integration capabilities from Web, Mobile, Social, APIs and existing traditional applications.

Architecture (SOA), Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programing Interfaces (APIs), and cloud management and orchestration frameworks have opened up new options for integrating cloud services. In addition, new capabilities from a wide variety of services (on-premises and off-premises) can now be aggregated to provide the business with a broader set of capabilities on which to act.

Composition: Hybrid cloud is about combining services and capabilities in a way that supports desired business objectives with agility and within budget, while at the same time dealing with risks and regulations in a satisfactory way. A hybrid cloud also enables businesses to utilize these services in varied durations and usage models. A set of services (either IT focused or business focused) could be used over a long time based on predetermined business needs, or they could be used for a limited period based on specific business events.

Organizational Impact: People in many different roles are impacted by hybrid cloud in a variety of ways. The value of hybrid cloud is highly dependent on what is important to your organization.

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