Cloud Advisory Suite Dubai

Cloud Advisory Suite

Business are continuously looking for innovation to provide valuable service and products to their consumers with excellent user experience – adding new functionality, cutting costs and improving quality and agility – often with a significant impact on how the applications and infrastructure enable transformation.

CloudBIA Cloud Advisory Suites helps you to better understand your company’s current cloud opportunities and may identify areas for gaining Agility, Innovation and competitive advantage through the cloud.Cloud computing is creating a radical shift in IT by providing organizations with flexible, reliable and scalable optimization and virtualization capabilities. This quick and easy assessment is designed to provide a summary report with high-level strategic recommendation and TCO for cloud-enabled IT & Business Transformation.

Cloud Strategic Planner (CSP) and TCO are the tools of cloud advisory suites, which help to analyse your future state strategy and understand the investment implication of building a Private Cloud/On-Premises internally versus consuming services from Public Cloud/Off-Premises. This will benefits clients to decide meaningful strategy while adopting appropriate solutions for their short term and long term. The word ‘cloud’ is often thrown around as an umbrella term, while ‘virtualization’ is often confused with cloud computing. Although the two technologies complement each other, they are not interchangeable, and the difference is significant enough to affect your business decisions.

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