Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Technology In Dubai

Mobile App Development Company

In the bid to choose the best mobile app development technology, start from chalking out the blueprint of your idea or business goals, so that it’s easier to consult with mobile app developers. The core elements for choosing the technology for mobile applications are:

  • UI and UX Design
  • Functionality and Features
  • CMS

Based on these elements, there are all of three technologies to choose from: Native App, Hybrid App or Web App.

Mobile Web App

Mobile web apps are not really apps; it is just a smart way to create a mobile friendly website. Users can access this through their mobile browsers, without downloading. You can choose between a responsive web design and adaptive web design.

Native App

Native mobile apps respond to particular operating systems, like iOs, Android, Blackberry or Windows. You cannot access an Android app, through your iPhone. This technology can be a benefit or a con, depending on your usability. It can create a seamless UX and UI design, by using all the phone features such as GPS, contacts, camera and gallery. However, on the other hand, it streamlines the number of users.

Hybrid App

Hybrid mobile apps use a cross-platform technology, to combine both features of native and web apps. These have high accessibility as well as connectivity. Most social networks are Hybrids. These applications are easy to develop, so if you are looking for hybrid app development in Dubai on a tightbudget, you don’t have to opt for a top notch mobile application development company, you can depend on dedicated mobile app developers skilled in CSS and HTML to implement your goals.