How Website Designing Helps You in Increasing Your Sales?

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Interactive website designing can greatly impact consumer behavior, directly increasing sales. But what constitutes effective Custom Web Design Services, other than choosing a reputable web design company? To know the answer, it’s better to pay attention to some core features you could add to your website, so that you can ask for, and achieve the best web design services Dubai has to offer.


Core Web Design Features That Help Increase Your Sales


  • Semantic Content: You surely need amiable style for your website. But along with style, your site ought to have substance, and keywords. Go for short and organized copy: Use clearly label topics, while breaking your text into small meaningful paragraphs. Also, refrain from boring your visitor with unrealistic text and use the keywords semantically. Your audience has visited your site to gather information and you have less than 10 seconds to hook him/her. Effective interactive content, and well distributed keyword syntax will do the magic. Sometimes, website redesign services incorporate redoing the content alone, to overcome penalties and grow page rank. So content is still King.


  • Strong Call-to-Action is yet another significant design feature that providers of website design services Dubai would focally incorporate in your website. Also, they would help design your landing page in such a manner that the call-to-action becomes the first thing attracting the visitor’s eyes. This is not rocket science, but surely needs a sense of consumer behavior, to influence sales.


  • No Pop-Ups, Please: Avoid irritating pop-ups if you want to increase sales. These serve no more purpose than frustrating potential clients. However, as were earlier considered an effective call-to-action strategy, if you don’t have a truly amazing offer of discount, then the pop up window is just for closing.


  • Simple Payment Options: Studies reveal that simple payment options encourage visitors to clinch a deal and so should be incorporated in a site where sales are dwindling or falling short of the expected turnover. Simple also mean trustworthy, so make sure your payment gateways are trusted.


  • Periodic sales analysis is often conducted by most website design services Dubai to ascertain what caused the sales to take the downward plunge and then rectify the fault appropriately, so that the sales go up once again.


  • Increased Social Media Presence: Most progressive website designers, as also website redesign services would unanimously agree to set up pages for a business unit on social networking platforms and launch ad campaigns too for augmenting sales, regardless of whether it deals in software or shoes.

In order to accomplish web presence, and impactful brand recognition, take the help of the best web design service that you can communicate with freely. Such as Cloudbia, a web design agency Dubai has to offer, that has an impressive background working with sales oriented Custom Web Design services.

How Hybrid Mobile App Development Can Benefit Small Business

hybrid-mobile app development

Mobile application is a type of software that is usually operational with smart devices, through which B2C businesses can thrive. Hybrid Mobile App Development takes the functionality further with cross platform accessibility and a host of features, which can deeply impact businesses, especially startups and small ventures, in a bid to establish them as a brand.  This article focuses how mobile app development services can benefit small businesses.


What Actually Is Meant By Mobile App Development?

A mobile application is a type of software that is usually operational with smart phones, through which B2C businesses can achieve the “direct to customer” factor at large. This can reach out a business, be it big or small, directly at the fingertips of customer’s, enabling them to buy from anywhere and anytime.

Incidentally, application software developers take into account the various screen sizes (of devices), hardware specifications, as also the configurations because of changes within each of the platforms, not to say of intense competition in mobile software in the market. Nevertheless, small businesses can invest in the best mobile app development company, even with a pact budget, and can avail a top mobile app developer in Dubai. The industry has been steadily growing since last few years, both in terms of revenue, as well as creating jobs, thus benefiting small industries in a big way.

More About Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile Apps takes the same application a little further, wherein they can be accessed through multiple mobile OS (Windows, Android, iOS) as well as browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, IE). Alike regular apps, hybrid apps too can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store or App Store. But technically speaking, hybrid apps are a bit different, in the sense that they run with the grouping of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, here are some of the core benefits that small businesses may derive out of hybrid mobile apps.

Cost-Effective – As you are building a single app for multiple devices, the cost for the app development would reasonably diminish. Also, it implies that since the same code works for every one of the devices, i.e. Android, Windows and iOS, the development speed will go up, while the cost will come down.

What’s more, in cases where any change is required in the code at any later date, the developer can easily implement the same sans making change to each and every device the code works on.

Easy Accessibility – As hybrid mobile apps are based on HTML and JavaScript, even a greenhorn developer can develop it with some practice.

Speed – It has been well established that hybrid mobile apps are much faster, as compared to native or mobile apps, save and except where there are large graphics.

Offline Usage – Similar to native apps, Hybrid apps also use a device’s API to store data offline which is indeed an added benefit for the users with poor connectivity or for those that are extra careful of data costs.

Better UX – We know how a website looks completely different on different browsers and computers. Well, same goes for the mobile apps which is certainly not a good sign for branding or user experience. However, with hybrid app your customer will get to enjoy a consistent UX on every device he or she access on.

However, when it comes to finding the best app development company, providing thought our, bespoke mobile app development service, you can rely on Cloudbia, the Top Mobile App Developer Dubai has to offer.

iPhone App Development : Best Platform To Earn ROI

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Dubai boasts numerous professional mobile application development agencies, and it’s not hard to find a globally recognized, best of the best app development company that builds intelligent mobile apps by way of exploiting latest cutting edge technologies. Robust and resourceful mobile app solutions have helped many businesses to reach new heights, gaining better ROI, based on core business objectives.
Even though mobile apps can be downloaded for free, it is a hefty investment of money, patience and time for the app to come up to the mark, and generate a satisfactory return of investment.
iPhone is the world’s most powerful operating systems, and also the world’s most expensive, most of the times. Incidentally, the iPhone is an Apple product and uses a variation of the Mac OS. Currently, the iPhone development tools are only available for Mac users (even though there is evidence of designing in jail break mode on a PC), but in order to get it up in the App Store, you will eventually need a Mac to get it there. You can buy a Mac mini that doesn’t cost much if you do not have a Mac at your disposal.
It will give you a native app, that is, only iPhone users can use such apps.
Now, what return of investment can one expect from native iPhone App development?
Studies reveal that nearly fifty percent of current iPhone users have a tendency towards retaining and upgrading to the latest version of the apple phone after the launch. On the other hand, a mere 44% of current Android users go for upgrading to another Android smartphone. This, more or less, indicates that iOS users are more dedicated, as compared to Android users, generating more revenue opportunities for developers endeavoring to work on iOS platform.
With technology access now almost at everyone’s fingertips, there is nothing new or novel that an iOS App Development Company can be constantly hatched up by clients from all over the lonely planet. However, what to do with your next brilliant app idea might indeed be something not dreamt up before. The leading agencies of Mobile App Development Dubai can be a significant hub to find the best resources, returns to investments.

Role of Android Application Development Company in Business Success

Mobile App Development Dubai

Android is the world’s most popular operating system, which can very well be cited as the “everyone’s OS”. It is, therefore, no wonder that the “Android App” is crucial for most businesses for acquiring optimal exposure to the vastest audience and potential leads. So, business owners are largely counting on Android Application Development Companies for success.

Android is an operating system, a software application developed for use on devices powered by Google. The apps can be accessed via Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, as also on sundry Android App-focused sites, and can run on Android based smart devices, including phones, tablets, and Google TV.

What Business Success Can Be Implemented With Android App Develop Company

  • As one of the core elements of successful business involves marketing and branding, selecting native android applications can be the wiser choice over other native apps for the benefit of large number of audience, any android app develop company would suggest you to go it for the following reasons:
  • This is an open source platform, allows an Android app developer to create a seamless satisfactory application, faster and at low licensing costs, for its low barrier to entry. Businesses can jump to sales with additional marketing investments; the app alone can do the job.
  • Apps are the muse of the brands, especially with B2C businesses; it bridges the gap between seller and buyer, and provides ample scope for direct communication and resources, which helps develop brand trust for businesses. And because of their easy to develop tools, they can customized, upgraded and redesigned at regular intervals, scoping ample chance for business owners to improve their user experience.
  • Finding a business gets easier with a host of Google tools, like maps, location, and learning mechanism. Google can actually recommend to business to potential customers who may be searching for items similar to what the app owner are selling.
  • It’s scoped with an integrated web application, social media presence, and file sharing features, that enables app users and potential customers rate, review, share and promote a business, without the business having to pay for all the extra marketing. The only catch is that to impact the least amount of negative reviews, otherwise, it the whole system will go against the business.
  • Android also provides a business the option to distribute its applications through multiple channels. Businesses can use Google Android Market to promote and distribute their apps for a wider reach. Android also allows you to form your own distribution and sales channel and even create your own app stores. You can choose your own promotional strategy and reach Android’s large user-base.

If and when all these issues are satisfactorily settled, you may take the next step that involves technical expertise and equipments. Instead of signing an agreement with any unknown provider of Mobile App Development in Dubai and then finding the deal ending in a fiasco; it is much better to hire someone who you can communicate with.

Top Benefits of Web Design for Businesses In Dubai

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The sector of web design and development in Dubai is very strong and dynamic. The majority of businesses are opting to go digital with the recognition of high prospects of growth. One can find world class web development services in Dubai, to build custom website design for companies. It also opens channels for international professionals that travel in to work with a professional web design company or web design agency in Dubai.

Here are some core benefits startups, small and local businesses as well as big brands can gain through web design and development services in Dubai.  

International Exposure

Business processes rely much on web development services in Dubai. UAE based companies can get a lot of exposure and a global clientele through web presence. This can usher in international buyers.

Brand Establishment

Brand Optimization is a valuable benefit that a professional web design company can give you. With professional web development services and a custom website design, UAE can have more world recognized brands, and gain market authority.

Consult with a professional web design company or web design agency in Dubai to know more about the potential benefits a custom website design may have for your business.

Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Technology In Dubai

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In the bid to choose the best mobile app development technology, start from chalking out the blueprint of your idea or business goals, so that it’s easier to consult with mobile app developers. The core elements for choosing the technology for mobile applications are:

  • UI and UX Design
  • Functionality and Features
  • CMS

Based on these elements, there are all of three technologies to choose from: Native App, Hybrid App or Web App.

Mobile Web App

Mobile web apps are not really apps; it is just a smart way to create a mobile friendly website. Users can access this through their mobile browsers, without downloading. You can choose between a responsive web design and adaptive web design.

Native App

Native mobile apps respond to particular operating systems, like iOs, Android, Blackberry or Windows. You cannot access an Android app, through your iPhone. This technology can be a benefit or a con, depending on your usability. It can create a seamless UX and UI design, by using all the phone features such as GPS, contacts, camera and gallery. However, on the other hand, it streamlines the number of users.

Hybrid App

Hybrid mobile apps use a cross-platform technology, to combine both features of native and web apps. These have high accessibility as well as connectivity. Most social networks are Hybrids. These applications are easy to develop, so if you are looking for hybrid app development in Dubai on a tightbudget, you don’t have to opt for a top notch mobile application development company, you can depend on dedicated mobile app developers skilled in CSS and HTML to implement your goals.

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Potential of an Android App for Your Business

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Mobile App : Employee Self Service Launch

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Employee Self Service on Mobile, or HRMS for short, is a comprehensive solution for your Human Resource department. It brings you many benefits which makes your life easier. This service is offered in the form of a mobile app in order to facilitate mobility and integration.

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