Big Data Analytics Dubai

Big Data Analytics

Big data has become a reality for your organization as the volume, variety and velocity of your data is reaching its limit. Big data analytics helps you to overcome the barrier you have with your customer/organizational data and we are the experts you can count on. We provide high-performance analytics to analyze the big data and figure out what’s important and what’s not. The data becomes available to you and your customers quicker than ever.


Modern day big data analytics is different from traditional BI in many dimensions. Data becomes “big” when the volume, velocity and veracity of the data that need to be analyzed is high. Big data analytics stands apart from the traditional in the ability to handle such data. Massive volumes of data are generated by machines, network and human interaction on systems like social media .Traditional BI or data bases cannot analyze such data. Data generated by machines are not static but generated at incredible velocity.

For example, network elements or sensors generate data continuously where data analysis will be fruitful only if it is done in real time. This is where the organizations have to replace their BI systems with big data solutions. About 75% of the data today available is unstructured or the variety of the data is very high. Big data analytics solutions are capable of crunching of these unstructured data which BI cannot.

There should be a robust underlying technology in order to meet the high volume, velocity and veracity requirements of big data solutions. The torrent of data generation has excited many technical geeks, it’s a phenomenon that will create new landscapes for IT industry. The attributes of Big Data is such that it’s becoming a crucial way for leading organizations to remain competitive.

We at CloudBIA help to transform your business initiatives by taking predictive and proactive decision, we work with set of analytics tools and capabilities which enable you to analyze both structured and un-structured data-set and provide valuable insight for your business in the competitive landscape and also to provide the foundation for cognitive business.

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